About Us

We understands the challenge of change and the demands that it places on both public and private sector clients and the individuals that work within them.

About Us.

Chartered Accountants offering audit, accountancy, taxation and business advisory services to public and private organisations.

EAK & Associates is a Ghanaian professional consultancy service firm established by law under the Incorporated Private Partnership Act, 1962 (Act 152).  The firm is duly authorized to undertake audit and assurance, accountancy, taxation, business advisory services in Ghana and to offer equally high-quality, internationally acceptable standard professional services at a local price to clients. The staff are very experienced professionals (Chartered Accountants and Tax Practitioners) who had previously worked in various senior capacities in audit and assurance firms and are, therefore very knowledgeable in their subject areas and are exposed to all levels of clients, economies and international environments.

EAK & Associates understands the challenge of change and the demands that it places on both public and private sector clients and the individuals that work within them. Our aim, therefore, is to be an added-value partner in identifying and supporting sustainable, viable start-up and on-going ventures (i.e. both profit and not for profit) as well as public institutions.
EAK & Associates is a member of AFFILICA international UK, alliance of accountancy firms and law firms worldwide.

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Affilica International is an alliance of independent practices of Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, Tax Experts and Business Consultants

Our ability to create and maintain outstanding relationships is based on our understanding that, each of our clients is distinctively different and it is their unique needs that drive our distinctively different approach.

As a team, we are focused towards professionalism and excellence in Auditing, Accounting, Taxation, Management consulting, Business & Finance Advisory, we act more than just an accountant to become as your trusted advisors. We go beyond mere accountancy, right to the heart of your financial future. The personal attention you expect is never more evident than when we evaluate and discuss your financial position and operating results to the best of your   understanding. We strive to add clarity to any complex situation. We ensure your complete understanding of the financial statement so you are confident in the fair representation of your organization to banking institutions, vendors, investors or other key stakeholders.

Quality Control

Our audit operating policies are based upon and are in fully compliant with the Institute of Internal Auditors guidelines and the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs). In addition there is a Quality Review Programme, which ensures that our audit process is in compliance with policies and procedures prescribed in our Audit Manual.  Quality performance reviews are an integral component of our system of quality control.

Quality Assurance

EAK & Associates is committed to ensuring that our professionals maintain professional proficiency through continuing education in accordance with firm wide and industry professional standards and the requirements of their professional licenses.

Technical Expertise

  • Experience with International Accounting

    EAK & Associates has over the years built a strong reputation as a non-compromising firm with regards to ensuring adherence to International professional standards.  We are committed to investing in our staff to service our clients in accordance with the above reporting standards.

  • Compliance with the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing

    EAK & Associates audit methodology is based on and in compliant with the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing with its attendant Practice Advisories.

  • Systems and Organizational Review and Risk Management Practices

    EAK & Associates has extensive experience in the review of and improvement of internal control systems, IT installations and organizational health assessments.  We also have extensive experience in assuring the adequacy and effectiveness of risk management practices for a wide range of organizations.

  • Client Management Process

    Our consultancy approach involves a systematic approach to managing our projects and assignments. This ensures that we do not only deliver successful results but also enjoy strong and positive client relationships. Our consolidated knowledge gained in assignments carried out in these areas is generally brought to bear in the performance of all assignments.

  • Availability of Partners and Managers to Our Client’s Management

    Our Partners and our audit managers are in regular contact with our client’s management and other relevant parties.  These contacts/meetings focus on meeting the needs of our clients on a continuous basis.